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Try as she might, Isabelle (Izzy) Grossman can’t escape her family’s good intentions.  Her grandmother (Bubbie) hires matchmaker Hannah Mandelbaum to find Izzy “…a man so she can be happy….” and there’s already a prospect:  Sam, the corner pickle seller. AMY IRVING as Izzy is the radiant center of this witty charmer, and her co-stars strike comic sparks galore as old-world ways rub against new-world woes. PETER REIGERT stars as the pickle man, JEROEN KRABBE as his rival and SYLVIA MILES is the matchmaker.  74 year old REIZL BOZYK is an ideal Bubbie, blithely snapping off one-liners and stealing scenes in this joy of a comedy. Bring your friends and join the fun on

  Saturday October 13th, 2:00pm

 Free Popcorn and Free Pretzels

Club Coco