TUESDAY, October 17, 2023, 7:00 P.M.

    1. Call to Order

    2. Pledge of Allegiance

    3. Establishment of Quorum

    4. Minutes – 09.19.23

    5. Manager’s Report

    6. President’s Report

    7. Treasurer’s Report

    8. Committee Reports

    • ARC Committee
    • Ladies Club
    • Entertainment Committee
    • Lighting Committee
    • Bulk Media Tech Committee (Dates for presentations)
    • Art Committee

    9. Old Business

    • Surge Protection
    • Pool Pipes
    • Document Update

    10. New Business

    • Ratification of emergency irrigation repairs
    • Landscape Contract
    • HVAC Maintenance Contract
    • Replacement of Irrigation timer
    • 2024 Budget Approval
    • Violations (if any) – 2 Hot Tub Extensions
    • ARC Appeals (if any) – Patio Installation for hot tub

    11. All expenditures approved at this meeting comply with the CWL Conflict of Interest Policy.

    12. Adjournment

    Policy for Owners to Speak During the Meeting

    Each member may speak only once per designated agenda item (old or new business) when recognized by the President. Each member may speak for a maximum of three (3) minutes. Members may NOT give their time to another member who has already spoken or is about to speak. Each comment shall be directed to the President, who may comment or not or may ask another Board member to provide a reply if one is to be given.