• There has been a lot of disinformation concerning an increase to our contract with Atlantic Pacific Management to increase the salary of the property manager’s position. It has been stated that our current property manager receives a salary of over $82,000 and that is simply not true.

    It has also been stated that the average property manager salary in south Florida is $43,972 and that is also not true. The information provided in a recent handout appears to be dated.

    Current information obtained from Pro License Florida (www.flcaa.com) stated the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021 reported the average salary of a licensed Community Association Manager in Florida was approximately $71,257 per year. The average income of a property manager with four years of experience is $64,311 and with 5 to 9 years experience is $67,758. Our property manager, Kristine Russo Diaz, has been a licensed community association manager (CAM) since 2015 and worked in the industry for over 15 years. Our property manager is paid less than the

    Numbers can be twisted to fit any set scenario. The number listed in the “Proposed Payroll” for the CWL property manager is NOT the salary received. That number includes all the additional costs associated with any employee (social security, FICA, health insurance, etc.) which usually amounts to approximately 25% of the total cost. The type of disinformation being spread is not only harmful to the Association but it is extremely hurtful to the person the disinformation is directed toward. Our current climate seems to enable those who choose to spread lies, to do with impunity.
    Consider the source of the disinformation and make up your own mind. If you want the facts, just ask any of the Board members. We have nothing to hide and nothing to gain by lying.